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Organized and operated to promote and further the interests and general welfare of escort car operators. To promote the general welfare of escort car operators; to further a unified effort towards solutions of the problems associated within this industry and to foster such cohesive action as may be deemed advisable for the welfare of the industry as a whole, and to promote and improve customer and public relations.
PEVOA is a Utah non-profit corporation, founded in January 2006
Due to the constant changes within the industry, these pages on this website are currently under construction, check back often to see the progress.
Professional Escort Vehicle Operators Association
has grown from just a small group of concerned individuals, to an Association focused on raising the awareness of Public Safety associated with the Pilot/Escort and Transportation industry across the United States and Canada.

Working together with State and Federal Agencies to assist in promoting uniformity and furtherance of safety issues that relate to the safe movement of oversize and overweight commerial vehicles.
Updated: January 2018
(C) 2006/2018

June 2016, "BREAKING NEWS" It is back - after 2 years since we lost the insurance program after working so hard to create, PEVOA's *NEW* endorsed insurance program has been re-established with Lockton Affinity. Also, a new Collection Agency, Tucker, Albin & Associates, is now providing our members with special rates concerning collection actions. For more information, see the Benefits Page.

March 2016 - WASHTO, SASHTO, NASHTO, MAASHTO meeting in Memphis TN. Presentation made by Randy Sorenson concerning Collision Avoidance Systems and the Conflict with "Oversize Load" sign for Pilot Cars and Commercial Vehicles.

September 23, 2015 - Letter to AASHTO, WASHTO, SASHTO, NASHTO, NASHTO, MAASHTO - Crash Avoidance Systems, backing and parking sensors and Pilot/Escort Vehicle Bumper Mounted Signs

August 2015 - New Insurance Contacts for our Members and the Pilot Car Industry located on the Benefit Page

New information for Members is posted throughout our Website and was last updated on May 2015.

Insurance - May 10, 2015 - New Insurance programs coming.

Video of the March 2015 WASHTO Meeting upload to site - located on News Page

January 6, 2014, Newsletter provided to membership with input requested from Membership. Continued work towards harmonization of Pilot Car requirements during 2014.

November 2013, Insurance Program no longer meets the recommendations of PEVOA.

September 2013, Letter submitted to AASHTO's (4) regions concerning Pilot Car standards associated
with harmonization discussions.

January 2012, BOD approves the reduction of Class 1 Memberships Dues at the request of the members.

July 2010 - New Insurance Program is available. Please note that this program is being completely reviewed by the Board of Directors at this time and an enndorsement of this program is being discussed. New Factoring Program is now available - see membership page. More details in the Newsletter about these two new programs.

April 2010 - Insurance Program has been discountinued utilizing Bank of the West. New Program being addressed and new information will be coming within the next 3 weeks.

March 2010 - New Nationwide Auto Parts Discount program available to our Members. Discount Card were mailed to all members. If you did not receive this new identification card, please contact the office.

October 1, 2008 - Membership Drive was closed on September 30, 2008 with a wonderful success. Thanks to all members that made this happen and a wonderful welcome to our new members, thanks for supporting your Association.

November 29, 2008 - New Discount Fuel Card available. See membership benefits web page for more details.

November 29, 2008 - Collection and Recover Agency program now available. See membership benefits web page for more details.
PEVOA Informational Brochure - click to download 8/28/08
Pilot/Escorts being a vital part of the success of many major projects that effect our daily lives: i.e. Wind Energy Projects, Highway Projects and virtually anywhere a piece of equipment that exceeds the standard configuation of commercial vehicles, Pilot Cars will be there to protect the public, protect the infrastructure and assist the "Team" that is moving these oversize loads.

In conjunction with the movement of these loads along the highways and biways of our country, Safety of the Public is our primary concern. Pilot Cars are required to be part of the "Team" moving these load and required by State DOT's to enhance public safety.
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